Our Story

Thinking outside the box.

Mashing up two ideas that don’t really seem to fit together at first glance.

Those are the kind of things an entrepreneur does with his brain every day.  So letting go of traditional ideals is not a far stretch for us.  MamaSita had two of our babies at home in a birth pool.  Romeo quit a six-figure job to start a mobile computer repair company.  While we don’t consider the former to be “risky” by any stretch, we recognize that these are not traditional routes to follow.

We have no regrets.  Not for starting the mobile business and not for folding it up.  We learned a lot from uprooting the family, moving and taking the risk of working for ourselves.  We came back to the so-called stable life, enrolled kids into school and got neck deep in the rat race again.  We spend our weekdays making it around town to extracurricular activities.  MamaSita teaches weekly childbirth classes and runs off to births in the middle of the night.  Romeo reports for his 8-5 every day.  We do school pick up and drop off, schedule birthday parties and dental appointments.  We live our life tethered to the family calendar.  It’s a good life.  But something is missing…

Luckily for us, circumstances in our life have created a shift and we both hear a pretty loud knock at the door…

We’re choosing an uncommon life.  We’re choosing to go.  We’re choosing to become location-independent and take our family on the experience of a lifetime.

Sure, we won’t have the security of the 9-5 any longer.  We’re leaving behind the house, the car, even the dog, (ahem) and trading it all for the unknown.

This blog is about our journey.  The Good.  The Bad.  And the Ugly.  The Planning, the traveling, the kids, the trials and the successes.  The Food.  The Culture.  The Experience.  We’re becoming a location-independent family.

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