Where Should We Go? Part 2

If you didn’t start at the beginning of this series, you can read the first part here: Where Should We Go? Part 1

Option 2: Bucharest, Romania


  • Cost. The cost of living difference between our current location and Bucharest is huge.
    • Indices Difference Info
      Consumer Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 93.26% higher than in Bucharest
      Consumer Prices Including Rent in Jacksonville, FL are 106.27% higher than in Bucharest
      Rent Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 153.02% higher than in Bucharest
      Restaurant Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 99.60% higher than in Bucharest
      Groceries Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 132.39% higher than in Bucharest
      Local Purchasing Power in Jacksonville, FL is 156.42% higher than in Bucharest
    • See the full comparison chart here.

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Where Should We Go? Part 1

The decision has been made about going Overseas.  We know we are leaving the states.  What we haven’t decided yet is where that will take us.  Some of the contenders will be highlighted in the next several blog posts.  We have a pro and con list for everywhere we have considered and that will (hopefully) help us narrow it down.

Option 1: Barcelona, Spain

Prosspain map

  • Romeo speaks Spanish.  It’s important for our kids to learn another language and what better choice than a language that embraces their Latin American roots?  It’s the third most spoken language in the world.  MamaSita needs to learn Spanish, too.  Spain seemed like a natural first choice.
  • The Beach.  We are beach folks.  We live about 30 minutes from the beach and we love to be able to dip our toes in the ocean whenever we feel like it.

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