Preparing for an international move

The weeks and days leading up to the move were more than I anticipated. There’s quite a lot to do to prepare for an international

The storage unit, which now houses most of our possessions
The storage unit, which now houses most of our possessions

move. Not to mention the various levels of emotional well being (or lack thereof) experienced by everyone.

Romeo worked out his final 2 weeks of his working-for-the-man day job. I finished packing and cleaning out the house with the help of an amazing professional organizer. The kids had more sleepovers than this mama would normally handle because they needed a lot of last hurrahs before leaving. So how did everyone deal with the stress of the big move?  Continue reading

So what happens when you announce to the world that you’re moving to a different country?

confused For me the defining moment was that look on my bosses face when I put my notice in. It pretty much took his breath away, and he couldn’t respond. And I heard from co-workers that all he could talk about was the fact that I’d be in Mexico. I offered to provide transition and support remotely from Mexico, and he couldn’t get around the fact that I wouldn’t be working from Florida but instead I’d be in Cancun(even though I explained 3 times it was 3 hours away. Continue reading