On Fears

One of the things that comes up for me as I weigh and measure our options is fear.  My own fear of everything that makes me anxious.

I tend to be a pretty positive person, so its hard for me to admit and put out there all of the niggling negative talk in my brain.  It’s hard for me to reveal my fears for everyone to look at.  To open up and let everyone stare inside.  But these are real.  They are on my mind.  And they are all the things I’m facing as we make our preparations. Continue reading

Obtaining Passports: Take 1

Obtaining passports is a vital first step in preparing to leave the country.  If there were only ONE thing we needed to do before leaving, this is it, folks.

Romeo’s passport is up to date. 

MamaSita’s passport has her maiden name on it.  Yep, that’s how long it’s been since we were out of the country Passport(except a cruise, which allowed the birth certificate instead).

The Bigs (the two oldest kids) have passports.  In fact, KK used hers just last summer on a life-changing missionary trip to the Dominican Republic.  But Goose’s is expired.  The Littles (the two youngest kids) do not have one at all.

We embarked on a mission to the passport office to attempt to secure permission for international travel.  MamaSita dug up birth certificates and filled out lengthy forms.

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