Obtaining Passports: 3rd time’s a charm

FINALLY!  We accomplished the passport task.  It feels incredibly good to strike that off the list.Passport

We decided to venture to the passport office on a Friday morning when Romeo’s boss was out of the office.  He has a job where he can come and go as he needs, but a certain someone gives him the stink eye if the mood strikes.  So, Friday, we decided it was a good day.  Romeo went to work before the rest of the family was out of bed and we had a plan to pick him up at his office at 8am.

The kids made me 5 minutes late.  Then a detour to the restroom on the way to the car added another 5 minutes but by 8:10 Romeo was in the car and we were heading to the passport office so we could be there when they opened at 8:30 am.   Continue reading