Selling the House: Renovations

A big piece of the puzzle when it comes to the move is selling our house.  We bought a property as an investment 2.5 years ago and now we are getting ready to sell.  We’ve lived in the house and fixed it up over time, knowing that it was not our “forever” house and that we would make some money on the resale.

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Obtaining Passports: Take 2


We decided to go to CVS and get passport photos before going to the passport office.  I rounded up all the little people and dragged them with me to the store.  It was busy but the manager took us over to their pull-down screen and took care of us.

While waiting for the photos to process, I got to hear about Manager Mike’s travels.  He wanted to know where we were planning to go.  One thing led to another and he told me about some of his favorite places.  He lived in Spain for 3 years.  His kids speak Spanish fluently (although he does not).  He lived in Iceland for 3 years.  He said it is the best possible place in the world to go if you love nature.  He was there when the volcano erupted under the ice and broke part of the glacier free.  But my favorite bit?  He talked about new foods.  Being married to a foodie is turning me into one, so, of course, I wanted to hear about the food.  The two best meats he’s ever had in his whole life:

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Obtaining Passports: Take 1

Obtaining passports is a vital first step in preparing to leave the country.  If there were only ONE thing we needed to do before leaving, this is it, folks.

Romeo’s passport is up to date. 

MamaSita’s passport has her maiden name on it.  Yep, that’s how long it’s been since we were out of the country Passport(except a cruise, which allowed the birth certificate instead).

The Bigs (the two oldest kids) have passports.  In fact, KK used hers just last summer on a life-changing missionary trip to the Dominican Republic.  But Goose’s is expired.  The Littles (the two youngest kids) do not have one at all.

We embarked on a mission to the passport office to attempt to secure permission for international travel.  MamaSita dug up birth certificates and filled out lengthy forms.

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