Getting to Know a New City

Coming here to live vs. coming here on vacation proved to be two

Arriving in Merida
Arriving in Merida

very different things.  Packing was harder because I knew we were not just here for the beach or to tour some Mayan ruins, but to actually stay.

This mindset penetrated everything we planned and the first week of our stay was focused around finding a school for the kids and a place to live.

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Day 1:  Travel to Mexico

Traveling with kids is an interesting experience.  Traveling with anyone who has a different personality than your own can be a

This is just the Checked Luggage.
This is just the Checked Luggage.

challenge.  Everyone has different ideas of where you need to be and when and what makes for comfortable travel.  I’m an over-packer.  Romeo has to be through security before he can relax.  We discovered that Goose is a nervous traveler.

The day began early.  Everyone was excited to get started with the big trip.  A couple of our best friends met us at the house to have coffee and bagels before they drove us to the airport.   Continue reading

Preparing for an international move

The weeks and days leading up to the move were more than I anticipated. There’s quite a lot to do to prepare for an international

The storage unit, which now houses most of our possessions
The storage unit, which now houses most of our possessions

move. Not to mention the various levels of emotional well being (or lack thereof) experienced by everyone.

Romeo worked out his final 2 weeks of his working-for-the-man day job. I finished packing and cleaning out the house with the help of an amazing professional organizer. The kids had more sleepovers than this mama would normally handle because they needed a lot of last hurrahs before leaving. So how did everyone deal with the stress of the big move?  Continue reading

Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard

We had a house showing in the morning on Sunday.  The showing came after what seems like the longest day of the IMG_6336year in our house – dance recital day.  3 dancing girls + a really enthusiastic dance studio owner = 7 different dance numbers and 11 costumes (and luckily only 8 hair changes).  Dance recital day starts at 7 in the morning with a protein-packed breakfast and the unnatural act of putting makeup on children.  After that it’s down to the performing arts center for a dress rehearsal that lasts from 8:30am – until you finish all your dances.  For us, that meant 2pm.  Then it’s back home to “rest” until we have to re-do all the hair and make-up and be back downtown for the performance at 6:30.  The curtain goes up at 7 and at 10pm we are still taking photos and packing the rolling wardrobes up.  Longest.Day.of.the.Year.  But the kids love it, so we do it.

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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

Traveling necessitates a minimalist approach to packing.  The unfortunate IMG_5930truth is that we are all going to have to carry whatever we plan to bring.  The more we pack, the more we have to personally haul around.  The idea of minimalist packing brought me to discover the capsule wardrobe.

I have been attempting to embrace a minimalist lifestyle at home with the KonMari method of decluttering.  I have tried to lessen the amount of kidstuff at home by emphasizing experiences > stuff for them.  And I have come across articles like this, shared by other minimalist moms.

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Preparing to Worldschool

I attended the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) Homeschool conference

Scrunch Map!  It's water-resistant, tear-resistant and it crumbles into a ball.
Scrunch Map! It’s water-resistant, tear-resistant and it crumbles into a ball.

over Memorial Day weekend. It was great to be around other homeschooling families and hear some sessions on hot homeschool topics.  But the most important part of the conference is the exhibitor’s hall.  That’s the place where I get to touch all the manipulatives, flip through all the workbooks and get my hands on the materials.  The interesting things about this

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On Fears

One of the things that comes up for me as I weigh and measure our options is fear.  My own fear of everything that makes me anxious.

I tend to be a pretty positive person, so its hard for me to admit and put out there all of the niggling negative talk in my brain.  It’s hard for me to reveal my fears for everyone to look at.  To open up and let everyone stare inside.  But these are real.  They are on my mind.  And they are all the things I’m facing as we make our preparations. Continue reading

Obtaining Passports: 3rd time’s a charm

FINALLY!  We accomplished the passport task.  It feels incredibly good to strike that off the list.Passport

We decided to venture to the passport office on a Friday morning when Romeo’s boss was out of the office.  He has a job where he can come and go as he needs, but a certain someone gives him the stink eye if the mood strikes.  So, Friday, we decided it was a good day.  Romeo went to work before the rest of the family was out of bed and we had a plan to pick him up at his office at 8am.

The kids made me 5 minutes late.  Then a detour to the restroom on the way to the car added another 5 minutes but by 8:10 Romeo was in the car and we were heading to the passport office so we could be there when they opened at 8:30 am.   Continue reading