Where Should We Go? Part 3

If you didn’t start at the beginning of this series, you can read the first part here: Where Should We Go? Part 1

Option 3: Merida, Mexico


  • Cost. The cost of living difference between our current location and Merida is huge.merida map
    • Indices Difference
    • Consumer Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 71.10% higher than in Merida
    • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Jacksonville, FL are 96.36% higher than in Merida
    • Rent Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 230.14% higher than in Merida
    • Restaurant Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 103.88% higher than in Merida
    • Groceries Prices in Jacksonville, FL are 65.99% higher than in Merida
    • Local Purchasing Power in Jacksonville, FL is 240.00% higher than in Merida
    • See the full comparison chart here.

  • Time Zone.  This makes sense from the perspective of the new business.  If we are only switching to the central time zone by going to Merida, it makes it easy for Romeo to interact with his partner in the states and keep similar work hours.
  • Close to home.  The flight is only about 10 hours, so if we needed to hop on a plane and get home fast, it would be a quicker trip from Mexico than any of our other options.
  • Spanish.  Back to the language.  This was the biggest pro for Spain.  In Mexico, we would also learn the language.
  • Weather.  Coming from Florida, the weather is a factor.  We would be able to handle the weather in Mexico year round and it wouldn’t be a very drastic change.  Except for May.  April 15-June 9 are the hottest months of the year with a daily temperature above 95 degrees.
  • The Beach.  It seems like everything we were missing from Romania is put back on the table when we look at Merida.
  • “Hey, everyone, I’m going on this amazing adventure of a lifetime.  I’m moving to…(wait for it)…merida beachMexico!”  <—–Is that shallow?  I don’t know.  But “it doesn’t sound sexy” is a con for us.
  • The Weather.  I’m listing this as a con as well because certain members of the family with a sensitive constitution might find the hot months to be too hot.  I’m kidding.  It’s a kidney disease that makes this option questionable.  The heat can have a pretty adverse affect.

I admit that Merida has fewer cons than the others so far, so it seems we are narrowing the options.  However, the next one for consideration has really drawn our eyes… And it’s a world away from the other choices.

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